“Anti-Corruption tree” at Swakopmund

Isaac Chikosi

A symbol to remind us every day to fight corruption.
Also symbol of cooperation of stakeholders to keep up the fight against corruption in Namibia

Anti-Corruption Commission of Namibia’s Erongo Office at Swakopmund used the occasion of the commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day this year to dedicate a tree at the Swakopmund Amphitheatre, to remind Namibians each day of the importance to fight (pictured).

The ACC also held a commemorative meeting at the Swakopmund amphitheatre, under the theme “Winning The Fight Against Corruption: a sustainable path to Africa’s transformation”.
International Anti-Corruption Day each year on 9 December raises awareness of corruption that exists in governments and societies all over the world. It draws attention to the negative effects that corruption, in all its forms, has on human societies’ wellbeing. [The ACC commemorated this day only on Wednesday (12 December)].
The Chief Public Education and Corruption Prevention Officer of the ACC, Mr Tobias Amoonga, addressed the audience reminding them of Namibia’s commitment to fight corruption.
“While investigating corruption is import-ant, it is best to cure corruption by prevention. This campaign is the first step in raising awareness on how corruption impacts people’s lives and wasting resources”, explained Amoonga.
He further reiterated the harsh reality that Namibia’s develop-mental goals of Vision 2030 cannot be met if corruption is not challenged head-on.
The tree planted not only serves as a re-minder that corruption has no place in Namibian society, but also serves as a symbol of cooperation between the ACC, the Swakopmund municipality and the Erongo Regional Council.
“The tree will serve as a constant symbolic re-minder to the hundreds who walk through the Swakopmund Amphi-theatre daily to be aware of corruption”.
According to the Erongo Regional Governor, Clr. Cleophas Mutjavikua (on the picture at the Anti-Corruption tree) during the celebrations, corruption affects industrial growth. He drew on examples from the past such as the events that culminated in the closing of the SME Bank, highlighting the negative effects of corruption and its far-reaching effects.

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