To whom it may concern:

On behalf of Skydive Namibia, Swakopmund Skydiving Club and Skydive4fun, we apologise to the people of Namibia for Francois Victors unacceptable statements made on Social Media.
When it comes to corporate professionalism; racial, political and religious views must be set aside to give the client the best and safest experience possible. Francois Victor was a member of the Swakopmund Skydiving Club. His membership has been terminated and he has been banned from the Skydiving Club due to his inappropriate conduct on social media, which resulted in harmful publicity and feedback for our company. The Skydiving community in Swakopmund and the rest of Namibia can be assured that any racial, political, religious or any other discriminatory actions will NOT be tolerated and are against our standard of procedure and moral values.

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