Arandis constituency SME’S get much needed assistance

The Arandis Constituency had a handing over ceremony of equipment to beneficiaries of its Constituency on 7 June. Fourteen beneficiaries from Arandis received equipment to the value of N$39 554.19, whilst fifteen beneficiaries from Henties Bay received equipment to the value of N$47 500.00.
The equipment range from deep freezer, freezers, stoves, overlockers, sewing machines, hair salon equipment and products, printers, a shaft and a finisher machine, materials as well as pots and catering equipment. Honourable Imbamba of the Arandis Constituency informed the beneficiaries of her Constituency that the government is doing its utmost best to eradicate poverty. She emphasized that small and medium enterprises are the backbone of the Namibian economy and it is imperative to assist SMEs through the Constituency Development Fund for them to gradually develop into established elite businesses one day. Honourable Imbamba expressed her gratitude to God Almighty through whose grace all this is possible.
While addressing the beneficiaries Ms. /Gôagoses, the CRO said that the Erongo Regional Council as part of its mandate to plan and develop the region budgeted N$100 00.00 per Constituency in order to assist SMEs within the region. She encouraged the beneficiaries to take good care of the equipment they received, to which she said, “it is not what you are given but what you do with what is given to you. Though they are all different from each other, their aim should be socio-economic empowerment”.
Ms. Ellie Nowases, in her remarks on behalf of the beneficiaries, thanked the Government of Namibia for making it possible for her to address the gathering in English through the literacy programme. She narrated her first experience in South Africa where a translator was needed to convey her message. As a result the experience prompted her to join the literacy classes and from there she never looked back. Her backyard gardening project has today grown in leaps and bounds. She expressed her appreciation to the Arandis Town Council for the plot allocated for the expansion of the gardening project and also thanked Swakop Uranium for their sponsorship of the green house which is improving the production of her products.
Nowases encouraged her fellow beneficiaries to stand up and work without being discouraged by their circumstances as she wants to ensure that each and everyone would have a backyard garden from which they can support themselves. “I encourage you to make use of these equipment provided and at least employ one person in order to meet the government halfway” she added. On behalf of the beneficiaries, she thanked the Regional leadership in the presence of Ms Natalia /Gôagoses, the Chief Regional Officer of the Erongo Regional Council, Hon. Benita Imbamba the Arandis Constituency Councillor, Honourable /Honeb the Mayor of Henties Bay and Mr Patrick Haushona. “I urge you not to be just receivers of equipment but start pulling in the same direction for eradication of poverty” Nowases concluded.
Mr Chris Wilmoth, the Local Economic Development Specialist at the Arandis Town Council informed and encouraged the beneficiaries to make use of the support services and training offered by them in collaboration with COSDEC, Rossing Foundation and NCCI in order to improve their business skills.

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