Arandis makes strides in charcoal production

A factory worker handles a pallet of charcoal produced at the charcoal processing plant of Unoo Investments CC at Arandis.

Unoo Investments CC Charcoal Processing was established at Arandis at the beginning of January this year. Due to the Covid-19 lock down, manufacturing activities were scaled down, but according to the Managing Member of the business, Mr Unoovene Augustos, production activities have now normalised again.
The business employs 50 people and currently has a charcoal and briquette output of up to 400 tons per month. All products are exported to Europe.  According to Mr Augustos, the phase two development of the charcoal processing plant will commence early in 2021. Once completed and at full production, the plant would have an output of up to 1 200 tons per month.
The business procures charcoal in bulk from producers at various locations in Namibia. Charcoal is produced from bush encroachment species.
At the plant at Arandis, the charcoal is graded into three sizes: small, medium and large. It is packed according to size. The residue, called “the fine” is produced into a substance from which briquettes are formed. The briquettes are also packed for export to Europe.
Thanks to the constant drive of the Arandis local authority for manufacturing investment in the town and thanks to the innovation and the willingness of entrepreneurs like Mr Augustos, Arandis has advanced one more step into becoming a fully-fledged economic centre, diversified from its status as a mining town only.

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