Arandis town council avails 221 plots for housing

Sharlien Tjambari

The town of Arandis is developing at a slow pace but proof of development is there. Arandis Town Council recently availed a total of 221 erven to various contractors to build houses and properties for the residents of Arandis at Extension 5 and 7.

According to the Communications Officer of Arandis Town Council Irene Jacobs, 68% of projects remain uncompleted. The contract for construction of properties was given to Bright Idea Projects and Partners, Paul and Lucy Investments cc and Elegant Properties.
Paul Jason of Paul and Lucy Investment cc said they built 25 houses at extension 5 in Arandis and owners of these houses have moved in.
Thaabit Harris and Andre Van Der Vyver of Bright Idea Projects and Partners, the leading contractor in Arandis said they have built 60 houses at Extension 5 in Arandis. “We started in 2016 and it was very slow, the council gave us one plot to build a show house to get people interested to start selling, the sale was pretty slow at the beginning, now we sold all 60 houses which we have constructed”, said Harris and Van Der Vyver further.
“The council got a very good module there and it works. It is not a thing of who you know and what you know. The council sells the plots directly to the person. Our prices are very affordable, they start at N$299 000 for a two bedroom house”, they added.
Jacobs said: “Top performing contractors are: Bright Idea Projects and Partners who completed about 11% of all projects. Paul and Lucy Investments cc completed 8% of all projects and Elegant Properties Investments and Consulting completed 3% of all completed projects”.

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