Arandis Town Council will soon be managing a logistics hub

The development of the logics hub at the town of Arandis will start in a few months’ time. The Logistics Park’s design and layout is in progress. The installation of services commences in the first quarter of 2017, according to the Communications Officer Mr Manfred Murangi.

According to Murangi logistics is a detailed and complex discipline. Logistics manages the flow of cargo between a point of origin and a point of consumption.
Murangi explained the hub will be situated next to the B2 road at the entrance of the town. The location is about 90 kilometres from the port of Walvis bay and the fact that Arandis is situated outside the rust belt makes it an ideal location for such hub.
This logistics hub will consist of about 23 plots with an estimated size of about 10 000 square meters per plot.
The allocation of the plots to respective businesses will commence in April 2017. Arandis Town Council promotes industrialisation as one of its key focus areas and will basically facilitate the process and administer the logistics hub in accordance with existing municipal regulations for water, sewer, refuse, buildings, business and its town planning scheme.
“The Walvis Bay Corridor Group, Namport and the National Planning Commission that manage the implementation of the National Logistics Master Plan will definitely play a role in this project. The rest of the private sector will be invited through an expression of interest to present what they may contribute” added Murangi. He further said that the expansion of the port of Walvis Bay is an added advantage. “Namport will be involved as the activities at the logistics park are directly linked to the port of Walvis Bay”.
“The cost for the municipal infrastructure required for the area is estimated at about N$15 million. The cost of improvements (buildings) will depend on specific needs and designs by private sector stakeholders who secured plots at the logistics hub” concluded Murangi.

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