Arsenal wins Alcatraz Pre-Season

Walvis Bay hosted the first ever Alcatraz Pre-Season soccer tournament over the weekend, an event aimed at getting the youth off the streets to the soccer field as spectators in order to spent their free time more productive and balanced. Some 200 spectators attended this action packed event that was held at the Kuisebmond soccer stadium.
According to the organizers of the event, the tournament drew spectators on the merits that really good soccer was played on the day.
Participants for Group A were: SFC (Swakopmund Football Club), Northern Stars, Tuta Super Eagles and Sailors B. Group B members were: Western Spurs, Arsenal, Sailors A and Gendev. A draw determined in which Group each team participated.
The tournament kicked off on Saturday with a very intense match between Northern Stars and Tuta Super Eagles.
The teams matched up, ending the first half in a 0-0 draw. This only spurred team members on both sides to make every minute and every inch of the field count in the second half. Although in the second half Northern Stars started to dominate the game, Tuta Super Eagles scored the first goal.
Northern Stars made a quick recovery and managed three goals in the second half, ending the game 3-1.
Western Spurs and Arsenal played the second game. As with the first game, the first half ended in a 0-0 draw. In the second the teams remained head to head and spectators could not make a final bet on who is going to emerge victorious.
With consistent defence and relentless close calls for Arsenal’s defence, Western Spurs netted a goal in the closing of the game. Western Spurs admitted the game was tough and much work still lies ahead. Swakopmund’s finest, SFC battled it out with coastal champions Sailors B in the third match.
Sailor B seemed to have the upper hand during the first few minutes of the game. So much so that spectators all expected the Sailors to take it home for this round. But then SFC took them by surprise with two goals.
As SFC continued to exhibit skill, tenacity and a keen eye for the goal posts, Sailors nonetheless soon pulled it off with a goal. SFC, having an excellent strike, gained one more goal, ending the first half with a 3-1 advantage over Sailors.
As SFC was now on the charge, Sailors could not quite recuperate in the first half of the second round and then SFC netted its third goal. The match ended 4-1. This left SFC coach Gerald Günther jubilant and highly satisfied with his team’s performance. Sailors B did not win the match, but their hard work at the ball was nonetheless commendable and the crowd was excited.
The fourth game was Sailors A and Gendev. Sailors A started the game on a high, scoring one goal. Another goal was soon added. It was clear all team players were committed to pull it off like a machine with every part moving and doing the job. Gendev was not prepared to go down with a white-wash and score a goal in the second half, resulting in the game ending 2-1 with Sailors A the winner.
On Sunday, Arsenal and Sailors A took on one another in the last game before the semi-finals. Arsenal won the
Western Spurs and Northern Stars played the first round of the semi-finals. Both teams struggled to gain momentum. Number 9 Danny Swartbooi scored the first goal for the Northern Stars during first half. Melvin Nestor added one more goal for Northern Starts with a penalty kick. With the second half only in its infancy Lionel van Schalkwyk scored a goal for Western Spurs.
Northern Stars soon regained its confident lead with a second goal by Nestor. The tally was now 3-1 with Northern Stars through to the finals.
Then it was Arsenal and SFC’s turn to battle it out for the semi-finals. An outstanding performance by Arsenal’s Johannes Nambuli, with two goals for the match, sent the team through to the finals. Kippert Fernandez tried rescuing it for SFC and in the process scored one goal.
SFC and Western Spurs, both failing in the semi finals, were left to fight it out with penalty shots for the third place of the tournament. Both teams managed to romp up three goals, but SFC managed a fourth penalty whilst Western Spurs missed two more goals, resulting in SFC securing third all over place. SFC received medals for their outstanding performance as well as a prize money of N$2500.
The final was played between Arsenal and Northern Stars. Now players on both sides were determined for a a tournament all over victory. Aresenal took the victory, netting 2 goals respectively by Johnny Nambuli and Johannes Mutangu.
Arsenal crowned the champions. The team received N$10 000 prize money along with medals to each of the eleven team players. Second runner up was Northern Stars (N$5000 with medals), 3rd place SFC (N$2500 with medals).
Best Goal Keeper – Moses Shitayi (Northern Stars) received trophy & N$250-00
Top Goal Scorer – Johnny Nambuli (Arsenal) received trophy &N$250-00
Player of the Tournament – Danny Swartbooi (Northern Stars) received Trophy & N$250-00
Best Coach – Gerald Günther (SFC) received N$250-00
Best Referee – Mr Apollo Lungameni – N$250-00

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