Attempted murder case opened against pharmacy owner

namib times 14-08-15

A procedural case of attempted murder has been opened against the owner of a pharmacy in Walvis Bay after a shooting incident. A break-in occurred at the pharmacy in the harbour town on Monday night. The owner confronted the intruders, after which he allegedly shot at one of the fleeing suspects, wounding him in the back

Nampol Chief Inspector Erastus Iikuyu confirmed yesterday that the owner of the pharmacy has not been arrested as he has not been charged. “We only opened a procedural case of attempted murder against him. If somebody shoots another person we automatically open a case of attempted murder. It does not mean we’ll arrest the person. We took a warning statement which was sent to the public prosecutor who will now decide whether to prosecute or not. If the prosecutor decides to prosecute, the docket will be sent back to us and the pharmacy owner will be summoned to appear in court,” he said.

According to Iikuyu it is alleged that the two suspects broke into the pharmacy at 22:15 Monday night. “The suspects packed items (expensive perfume and Green Cross shoes) into a bag. The alarm went off and the owner of the pharmacy responded. He confronted the suspects and a struggle occurred. When one of the suspects ran away, the owner of the pharmacy allegedly shot the suspect in the back. This suspect continued fleeing. He was alleged shot in the back three times and was rushed to Windhoek for medical treatment. The second suspect, Sakarias Shilongo, appeared in court on Wednesday and was charged with house breaking with intent to steal, and theft,” he concluded.

The newspaper contacted the owner of the pharmacy who said he could not comment at this stage.


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