AVIS vehicle thief last spotted at Hosea Kutako Intl. Airport

Last week Friday a case of theft under false pretences was opened in Windhoek, after Joshua Hecht, who is believed to be in his forties, allegedly rented a vehicle at AVIS Rent- a-Car, presenting a false credit card. He disappeared.

According to the police investigator in charge of the case, Hecht was seen in Swakopmund over this past weekend. He was accommodated at a bed and breakfast.
A security video camera recording at Hosea Kutako International Airport’s Puma fuel service station shows Hecht filling up the rented car on Monday afternoon around 16:00.
Then he headed in the direction of Gobabis. “He had the vehicle’s hazards on.
The investigator further explained the police knows Hecht very well. He was involved in similar incidents before and was released from prison late last year after serving time for the same type of offense.
His modus operandi remains renting cars with false credit cards and bilking (not paying for accommodation).
He confirmed Hecht is not a dangerous person, but he is a career criminal which can cost you dearly with his dishonesty.
The investigator suspects Hecht did not reach Gobabis nor the border. He might have turned South. Lüderitz is apparently Hecht’s favourite place. “He is most likely again to book accommodation and then disappear when it is time to pay”, said the inspector.
The vehicle which was stolen from AVIS is a beige Volkswagen Polo with registration number N 119357 W. If you spot Hecht, Inspector Morgan at 0812474411.

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