Baby number 3 surprises mom and dad

Jetlien Noabes, a resident of Swakopmund gave birth to three beautiful babies on Sunday morning after a long wait of nine months, but she says baby number three surprised her a lot. Not only the fact that it was a girl, but because Jelien only expected twins and not a triplet.

“All this time I was expecting to give birth to two babies only, because that is what the sonar showed us, only two babies and when baby number three came I was surprised” said Jetlien. The babies were born on Sunday morning. Baby number one was a boy and his mother and father named him Alvin Namaseb, he was born at 04:20 with a weight of 1.97kg. Baby number two was also a boy and came just 11 minutes after his brother at 04:31 and his weight was 2,13kg, his name is Calvin Namaseb. Blessing Namases came ten minutes after her brother and her actual time of birth was recorded as 04:40 and to proof that she is a girl and the last born of the family, she weight 1.56kg. Jetlien’s first born is a ten year old boy so Blessing is the only girl among her three brothers and mom says she will be spoiled.
The babies were born at Swakopmund State Hospital and this was the second time in many years that the Swakopmund State hospital delivered triplets. Last year on 12 October Meme Taimi Ekandjo also welcomed a triplet into her family and was marked as the first lady to give birth to a triplet at Swakopmund State Hospital in a decade.
Jetlien says she is unemployed but the father of the babies and her life partner is employed. Jetlien further said that if there is anyone who is willing to help her out with anything then they are most welcome, because she will need all the help she can get. Her contact details is 081 206 0597

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