Trucks, condition of traffic signs pose danger

The newspaper recently received complaints regarding several areas in Walvis Bay where a vehicle driver’s view is either obstructed by parked trucks, or the road  traffic signs are not clearly visible, posing danger to road users.

Danny Beukes Die trokke is rerig n groot probleem… lyk nou al amper soos Nigeria.

Danie Jacobs Hulle moet plan maak op die hoek van 6de str en 11de weg ook. (Voor Afcor) Trokke staan daar, en mens moet omtrent letterlik in die verkeer in beweeg om te sien of daar voertuie aan kom. Traffic ry gedurig daar verby, maar daar word niks aan die situasie gedoen nie.

Allan Roodt Trucks parking off peoples driveways, obstructing signs, cars still driving without registration plates, cars parking on yellow lines whenever they want, talking on cellphones while driving, driving through stop signs and red robots, double parking in parking bays, parking outside marked parking bays where half the car is still in the street, people driving as they wish because traffic cops are never around, cars and trucks driving like assholes on the highway, cars overtaking strings of cars\trucks on blindspots on the highway. Outstanding work w\bay traffic department.

Mogamat Salie Saban Let us be positive about our roads and trucks. What about the promised truckport some time ago. Bearing in mind that the food on your table was delivered to a shop by truck. Bearing in mind that the fuel in your car’s tank was delivered by truck. Yes some truck drivers make themselves guilty of bad driving skills and bad road manners. But bear in mind if trucks are been taken away from our roads, highways and byways, no food on the table or fuel in your car’s tank. Such a long list, delivering building materials, road construction materials and educational materials. Suggestion, take the trucks away and we all starve. Viva truckers. A proud Wesbank trucker.

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