Bank Windhoek advises on fraud

The Forensic Department at Bank Windhoek is receiving an increasing number of complaints from clients regarding individuals calling them and pretending to be officials from Bank Windhoek.
These individuals are fraudsters who direct unsuspecting clients to transfer funds to them via an Easy Wallet trans-fer.
How they do it: The fraudsters call to inform clients that they are from Bank Windhoek and that they have either received funds or that they need to do a software or systems upgrade on their devices in order to gain access to the funds. The fraudsters will guide the client through an elaborate and complex process to activate the profile to receive the funds or to make the system upgrade in order to receive the funds.
What is in fact happening is that the unsuspecting client is unknowingly being directed to make a trans-fer of funds via Cell Phone Banking or Internet Banking to the fraudster’s Easy Wallet number.
Bank Windhoek will never call a client or any other member of the public to receive funds, send funds or to release funds for any payments, including dividends or insurance premiums.
Clients who receive such calls are encouraged to report it to the Namibian Police and the Bank Windhoek Forensic Department for investigation on telephone number 061 299 1200 of kindly contact Hayley Allen Bank Windhoek’s Head of Corporate Affairs, +264 61 299 1271.

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