Walvis Bay’s Mayor strongly condemns killing of Kuisebmond woman by lover

Floris Steenkamp

Walvis Bay’s mayor Alderman Immanuel Wilfried on Tuesday night condemned as barbaric and violent acts the latest increase in extreme cases of domestic violence, specifically women murdered by male partners in their love relationships. The mayor made specific reference to an incident in Kuisebmond over the weekend where a woman was murdered by her lover.

“Recently we have seen an increase in extreme domestic violence cases. Some members of our society are resorting to murdering their loved ones and have no control of their anger. This past weekend in Kuisebmond, one of our residents lost her life at the hands of her so-called lover”, the mayor said in his keynote address during Tuesday night’s monthly council meeting, held at Council Chambers at the civic centre.
Adding: “Like many other Namibians who take pride in being citizens of this country, I strongly condemn these barbaric and violent acts. It is not fair that valuable members of society should live in fear. As men we should take pride in protecting the most vulnerable members of society, our women and children, not resorting to hurting them emotionally, physically or killing them”.
The alleged murderer made a first appearance in court this week (see page 4).
Picture of the alleged killer Phillipus Hafeni Haihambo below:

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