Beer from new Namib Dunes Craft Brewery now on sale

Swakopmund is fast making a comeback as the beer brewing capital of Namibia. A unique, new craft brewery is operating at Swakopmund since the end of September. It is called the Namib Dunes Craft Brewery and their product is now on sale at various restaurants and stores in Swakopmund.
The two partners and brewers are Du Preez Calitz, who started brewing in his garage two years ago, and André Genis. Initially the team experimented with different recipes and brewed various beers.
After noticing a business opportunity, the two visited craft brewers in South Africa and decided to go bigger.
The brand-new brewing equipment arrived in Swakopmund in April 2017. With the assistance of family members, especially their sons, they built the brewery at Eastern Concepts complex located in the industrial area.
They then started experimenting with different recipes. “Our intention is to brew an Indian Pale Ale, a Blonde Ale, a Weiss-bier, an Irish Red and a Belgian Wittbier. So far, we have finalised our recipes for the Pale Ale and the Blonde Ale and are supplying this to the market and we are receiving great responses”, Calitz said to namib times.
The beer is available in a number of restaurants and bottle stores in Swakopmund. “We have received requests from interested parties all over Namibia but at present we are limited by the capacity of our equipment”, he said.

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