Behnke scopes five awards

Rudi Bowe

Michael Behnke scoped five awards at the Walvis Bay Motor Club award ceremony in the harbour town.

At the event the chairman of the club, Jan Everson said that the motor club is in a good and healthy financial state. The club will host the Swakopmund Rally on 16 March and the Walvis Bay Rally on 13 July.
Walvis Bay Motor Club is also planning the yearly quarter mile race (drags) on Easter Saturday in Walvis Bay.
The winners of 2018 were as follows:
Class A
1st Allan Martin
2nd Zachary Martin
Class B
1st Zachary Martin
Class D
1st Jan Everson
Class X
1st Dirk Kotze
Class 6BR
1st Grant Knowles
Class 8BR
1st Terrence Knowles
Class 4BR
1st Vernon Knowles
Class 4A2
1st Zachary Martin
Class 6BW
1st Allen Martin/Jan Everson
Class Quads
1st Michael Behnke
2nd Dirk Kotze
Class 8Valves
1st Zachary Martin
2nd Terrence Knowles
3rd Michael Behnke
Class 16V (Hot-rods)
1st Allan Martin
2nd Terrence Knowles
3rd Michael Behnke
Class V8’s
1st Vernon Knowles
2nd Michael Behnke
Class S4
1st Driver – Oswaldo Mendes
Class S2
1st Driver – Jannie Coetzee/Jan Everson
2nd Navigator – Gert Coetzee/Fanie Botes
1st Driver – Goerge Coetzee
2nd Navigator – Hugo Arangies
Class S1
1st Driver – Pieter Greeff
1st Navigator – Uween Lourens
Class Mens Quads
1st Michael Behnke
Class Mens Quads
1st Hugo Arangies

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