Belt grading Swakopmund Fight Club

Swakopmund Fight Club held their first belt grading in over 2 years with total of 18 students, 12 juniors and six seniors, last Saturday, 13 November 2021 under the watchful eyes of Sensei Jannie Gouws, Sensei Duan Oppermann and Sensei Lesley Hoebeb.

The youngest kick-boxer was 6-years-old, and the most senior candidate, 63-years-old. With all other students they never backed down in a very intense and physically demanding kickboxing grading where endurance, will-power and a warrior spirit were tested. Techniques and fight combinations were demonstrated with a high-level point sparring, and continuous fighting concluded the belt grading session. All students performed exceptionally well.
Sensei Jannie Gouws said the Swakopmund Fight Club is a proud, well equipped martial arts dojo, teaching Kick-boxing & Krav maga since 2010. “We teach both light and full contact kickboxing. We are affiliated with the Namibian Kickboxing Federation. Our students competed in many local and international tournaments over the past 10 years with very good results. There are numerous benefits to kick-boxing, and training and one can start at a young age. Development and improvement of agility, self-confidence and self-respect are just some of the benefits, all while having loads of fun and getting a high-level full body work-out,” Sensei Jannie Gouws explained.
New Green belts: Cornelia Becker, Martin Nandu and Reuben Oppermann
New Orange belts: Pieter van Heerden and Zak Swart
New Yellow belts: Armand Kruger, Jackeline Sass, Art Thiele, Tristan de Beer, Isebelle de Beer, Tristen Wagner, Adrian van Zyl, Reinhardt Engelbrecht, Anrich Kotze, Ruben Kotze, Taleila Sass and Anastasia Sass
White belt 2: Joubert Marais.

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