Bilingual Montessori Pre-Primary for Swakopmund

In January 2019, a new Montessori pre-primary will open its doors in Swakopmund. Focused on a love of learning, the program run by One Tree Montessori offers English and German in one environment.

“Learning languages is incredibly easy for a child”, explains Laura Callard, owner and director, “and we have the chance to give them some of Namibias diversity.”
Pre-Primary Swakopmund offers two pro-grams (half- and full-day) that run concurrently. The full-day program is especially beneficial for families where both guardians work full time.
“We know how difficult it is to not see your little on for the whole day. At least this way, you can focus to do your best at work because you know your child receives the best with us.”
Because children are so different, Pre-Primary Swakopmund offers a wide variety of activities. Children are free to choose what to do, according to their abilities and capabilities. Options range from Practical Life exercises – such as tying shoes, using spoons or pouring water, gardening or sweeping – to Sensorial Materials and exercises for maths, language and cultural subjects like geography.
“Children love to imitate adults. They are natural curious and enjoy ‘big work’”, says Laura. “The exercises of Practical Life allow them to do exactly that.”
Developing concentration because the whole personality is engaged, the Practical Life work makes what adults see as chores, simple fun for children. Sensorial materials, another key component of a Montessori environment, refine the child’s senses. This allows them to make sense of and clarify impressions they have absorbed from their world.
This kind of natural learning based on the senses and concrete experiences was discovered by the Italian physician Dr. Maria Montessori over a century ago. The Montessori philosophy is based on long and broad observations of children across the world, following a few key principles:
Children want to learn and do so best through practical activities when they are young. For this, they need the freedom to make their own choices and a prepared environment. The adult helps them to take increasing responsibility and become a self-confident member of their community.
At Pre-Primary Swakopmund, children are given big blocks of uninterrupted time where they can choose their activities, ranging from looking at books, simple wood work, role play and food preparation to working with numbers or – very important – just resting.
Utilising a mixed-age group, social skills are developed effortlessly as children help each other and learn what behaviors are acceptable.
Enrol your child with Pre-Primary Swakopmund and give them a home away from home, where learning is fun and easy.
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