Body washes Ashore

Sharlien Tjambari


The body of the person who is suspected to have drowned on 15 October washed ashore and was identified as Filipus Nghiningwanai Nuyoma (28).

Nuyoma was washed out to beach at about 13:00. He was discovered by a passer-by between Swakopmund beach and the new Mall. The body of an unknown young male was seen floating in the sea on 15 October around 14:00 at the Swakopmund Jetty, by two tourists from Germany who were walking towards the Tug Restaurant while taking pictures, reported the Police.
The tourists saw the deceased was clothed in a black jacket, brown pair of trousers and a brown belt.
They recognised the body is that of a man they just saw a short while earlier talking on a cell phone and walking on the jetty. On their return the man was not there anymore, but they soon saw the body floating.
A few minutes later the body disappeared as the sea’s current took it deeper into the ocean. The Police and Sea Rescue were notified. A search was conducted by Sea Rescue personnel, but the body couldn’t be located.
It is not clear whether the said person jumped into the sea or accidentally fell into the sea. Investigations continue.

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