Bonus Marktplatz gets a huge 1.5 ton clock tower

The newly-modernised Bonus Marktplatz development, which will soon be re-opening in Swakopmund, is now home to a massive clock tower. The clock tower was put into its place on the corner structure of Bonus Marktplatz on Tuesday. It was spectacular to see the skill with which a crane driver placed the clock tower on the position where it would sit for decades to come.

According to the CEO of the Lighthouse Group, Liebenberg Liebenberg, the tower was constructed by Weimann’s Tischlerei. The business conducts all the joinery works at Bonus Marktplatz.
“Horst Weimann from Weimann’s Tischlerei, is responsible for all the wood-work. They manufactured the structure at their workshops and brought it as a single unit to Bonus Marktplatz. There was too little space at the construction site for the construction work”, explained Liebenberg. Adding they had to rent a 15-ton crane, because of the weight and distance they had to cover to remove the structure from the truck.
The clock tower weighs 1.5 tons and it has a clock-face of 1.48 metres. The clock tower is 11.4 metres high and a width of 1.8 metres.
Liebenberg further revealed that in the clock tower a digital clock from Germany will be fitted. The clock can be set via mobile phone.
He continued: “Swakopmund will have its own town clock and it’s got different phases. Its sound can also be set at different modes. The clock will be installed just before the opening of the development. It’s on its way from Germany”.
Liebenberg also confirmed the opening of the first phase will be on 15 August. Tenants of the back shops will be allowed to take occupation.
The second phase will open between October and November, when the main building [the old Bonusmarket building] will be inaugurated.
Bonus Marktplatz is located at the corner of Sam Nujoma Avenue and Nathaniel Maxuilili Street.

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