Brave “Lala” needs help for artificial leg

Meet Albertina “Lala” Nepembe, a true example of courage and devotion.

She is an employee at Servest, a contracting company at Husab Mine, outside Swakopmund.

BraveGirl1Albertina’s left leg was amputated at a very early age, as a result of a vehicle accident, but this did not stop her in achieving her goals and dreams. She originates from the North, and came to Swakopmund during 2010 in search of a job opportunity and during 2013 Servest Multi Service Group gave her this opportunity.

According to Mr Jason Lundon (Servest Project Manager) “Lala” is one of the bravest people he ever met, never complaining, dedicated to her job and always

“Before employing her, we did explain that the job might be very exhausting, with her condition in mind. She however laughed it off and the rest is history,” Lundon remarked.

She is employed at the Husab Village Laundry and enjoys every moment of it, said Albertina.

BraveGirl2“The government is subsidising a portion of the money for my leg, and the rest I have to generate myself.

With the government’s help, I got an artificial leg during 2012 and had to come up with more than N$10 000 myself.

However times have changed and thus I want to pledge to any good Samaritans out there to assist me in attaining a new leg,” she asked.

According to her, the artificial leg she presently uses is causing problems, especially when it’s very hot.
She told namib times that she was not aware of a football tournament, her employer (Servest) organised last weekend, in order to help her, and she expressed her sincere thanks and appreciation towards them.

Good Samaritans can contact namib times’ Swakopmund office, or Albertina at 085 636 7072 / 081 219 9184.