Buccaneers Squash notes

Squash results at the moment. Please bear in mind some results are still outstanding.

Group A – Angelo Titus 8; Brandon Grane 6; Danie Greeff 6; Dylan Spencer 6; Imanuel Amorongo 4; Leslie Bosman 2; Emil Dorgeloh 2; Christopher Hill 2; Michael Stauder 2 & Robert Schaaf 0.

Group B – Jose de Brito 8; Luke Allen 6 ; Joe Hermann 6; Lino Koopman 6; Johann van der Merwe 6; Ettienne Beukes 5; Chantel de Gouveia 4; Richard van der Meer 4; Craig Hearn 3; Callie Geel 2; Dirk Bosman 0 & Willie van Duijvenbode 0.

Group C – Trevor Heath 6; Shawn Mouton 6; Bykes Muashekele 6; Jaco de Jager 4; Ockie du Plessis 4; William Lottering 4; Christo van Wyk 4; Ricardo von Stein 4; Bertus Fokkens 2 & Blackie Zwart 0.

Group D – Doyle de Haas 8; JC Platt 8; Carla Venter 8; Jonathan Garcia 6; Cevin Harding 6; Alan Hartung 6; Jakkie Nel 6 ; Lindsay Lottering 4 ; Lloyd van Niekerk 4; Mark Rees 2; Victor Rigby 2 & Michail Pretorius 0.

Group E – Jonathan Abbott 10; Siyanda Ndhlovu 10; Armando Mario 8; Christo Smit 8; Christina Beukes 4; Zola Nel 4; Anna Maria Venter 4; Frans Beukes 2; Ines de Brito 2; Charmaine Kandombo 2; Andrea Louw 2 & Kirsten Wolhuter 2.

Group F – Jon Allen 6; Christelle Eiman 6; Tiaan van der Westhuizen 6; Estelle Bothma 4; Alan Hartung [jr] 4; Dessy Moses 4; Leon Smit 4;  Laura Callard 3; Paulina Kapitango 2 & Heibri-Ann Hartung 1.

With the scores so close there is still a lot to play for. The results for last week are as follows:-

Monday, 17 February.

Group B.

Ettienne Beukes drew with Craig Hearn 38 each.

Ze de Brito bt Richard van der Meer 48-31. The serve a bit off, Rich?

Johann van der Merwe bt Joe Hermann 41-40.

Luke Allen bt Chantel de Gouveia 43-40.

Group D.

Lindsay Lottering bt Michail Pretorius 46-36.

Carla Venter bt Alan Hartung 41-36.

Jonathan Garcia bt Victor Rigby 49-39.

Lloyd van Niekerk bt Mark Rees 48-38.

JC Platt bt Cevin Harding 48-42.

Group E.

Zola Nel bt Charmaine Kandombo 53-47.

Jonathan Abbott bt Andrea Louw 60-31.

Christo Smit bt Christina Beukes 57-40.

Siyanda Ndhlovu bt Kirsten Wolhuter 57-40.

Armando Mario bt Anna Maria Venter 62-33.

Ines de Brito bt Frans Beukes WO.

Wednesday, 19 February.

Group A.

Dylan Spencer bt Christopher Hill 40-24.

Angelo Titus bt Robert Schaaf 32-30. It seems Angie likes to keep it close.

Danie Greeff bt Imanuel Amorongo 41-25.

Brandon Grane bt Michael Stauder WO.

Group B.

Callie Geel bt Richard van der Meer 43-34. Man, I bet this felt good.

Ze de Brito bt Johann van der Merwe 46-39.

Joe Hermann bt Willie van Duijvenbode 73-27. Not nice.. heh.

Ettienne Beukes bt Dirk Bosman WO.

Luke Allen bt Craig Hearn WO.

Group C.

Ockie du Plessis bt Bertus Fokken 49-43.

Trevor Heath bt Jaco de Jager 32-31. Shoo! That was close.

Shawn Mouton bt Christo van Wyk 64-42.

Bykes Muashekele bt Blackie Zwart 49-37.

Ricardo von Stein bt William Lottering 32-31. That was a good win.

Group D.

Alan Hartung bt Jakkie Nel 55-44.

Carla Venter bt Lindsay Lottering 41-40. I’ll bet Carla was pretty chuffed with herself?

Cevin Harding bt Michail Pretorius 58-34.

JC Platt bt Mark Rees 52-29.

Lloyd van Niekerk bt Jonathan Garcia 46-43. Lloyd was stoked.

Doyle de Haas bt Victor Rigby WO.

Group E.

Jonathan Abbott bt Ines de Brito 84-29. Jonathan will have to be promoted to another group next time round.

Zola Nel bt Frans Beukes 50-47.

Siyanda Ndhlovu bt Armando Mario 41-39. Promotions for these two will also be on the cards.

Christo Smit bt Andrea Louw 52-31.

Kirsten Wolhuter bt Christina Beukes WO.

Group F.

Tiaan van der Westhuizen bt Alan Hartung [jr] 74-30.

Dessy Moses bt Heibri-Ann Hartung 56-36.

Jon Allen bt Paulina Kapitango 53-45.

Christelle Eiman bt Estelle Bothma WO.

Leon Smit bt Laura Callard WO.

A reminder to Groups B, D & E that round 7 for them will be played on Monday 2nd March.

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