Buccaneers Summer League concludes

Wow.. What an end to the Summer League. In the A section running neck-n-neck, Danie Greeff came up against Clifford de Witt.

What a tight battle it was, so much so, that after 20 minutes they were still neck-n-neck, so by mutual decision they played extra time. The okes were soaked with sweat and continued to play their hearts out. Cliffy had that extra little ‘vasbyt’ and managed to down Danie with a point or two to take the Cup for Group A. What a game and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Well played guys.
In Group B Jaco de Witt dominated and took the cup with reasonable ease.
Ze-Elias de Jongh took the cup for Group C and proved himself a worthy winner.
In Group D, Joshua Wood’s enthusiasm to improve shone through on the courts to take the cup and book him a slot in the next level.
Charlton Brussel will definitely be promoted after breezing through Group E to take the cup.
Christelle Eiman played like a star and definitely deserved to lift the Cup for Group F.

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