Busted at exam location – 150 learners caught with cell phones

NamPol carried out a search operation on Wednesday at the Swakopmund Secondary School, targeting learners who were entering exam locations with their cell phones. A total of more than 150 mobile phones and a laptop were confiscated in the process.
According to the principal of Swakopmund Secondary School, Mr. Sinvula Sibanga, NamPol visited him a few weeks back and said they want to carry out such an operation.
He agreed without hesitation.
The police prepared their strategy and need of manpower based on the total number of classrooms and the exam schedules.
“I was surprised by their visit on Wednesday. One of my staff came to inform me that there were police officers at my office. Then I noticed the place was surrounded and learners were being searched. They searched every single learner in my school. A total of 150 plus cellular phones were found during the search”, explained Sibanga.
Sibanga said he was not happy with the find. It is exam time. All the phones were switched on and was active.
Some of the phones even contained snapshots of old question papers etc. “What if any of these children were caught cheating during exams? They would be expelled from school and they would have to repeat that grade.
Sibanga said the school has a standard arrangement for confiscated cell phones. A cell phone is only released upon a penalty fee of N$200.
“What happens now is proper records are taken of all the cell phones found on the learners. The information is needed to verify ownership, possible stolen phones etc. The laptop that was confiscated will only be released once proof of ownership is delivered.
Parents are advised not to allow their children to take cell phones to school.
There is a ministerial policy on cell phones. Cell phones are not allowed in schools for various reasons. Sibanga explained in cases of emergencies learners are allowed to take cell phones to school. But then they are required to leave the phones at the Secretary’s office and collect it after school.
There was a very positive aspect too among the negative. According to Sibanga the Police also brought drug sniffer dogs along. He expressed his satisfaction at the fact that no learners were found in possession of drugs or even had traces of any drugs on them which the sniffer dogs would have detected straight away.
Pictures herewith of some of the confiscated cell phones.

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