By 5 January 181 accidents reported in Erongo – 5 killed

By Friday, 5 January a total of 181 accidents were reported in Erongo in the period since 1 December. A total of five people died and a further 28 people were injured ranging from slight injuries to serious injuries.

These statistics were provided by the Namibian Police’s Regional Commander in Erongo, Commissioner Andreas Nelumbu on Friday. Commissioner Nelumbu said it was particularly worrisome given the ages of the deceased: respectively one year and eight months old, a two-year-old, a 27-year-old, a 30-year-old and a 49-year-old. Accidents are depriving our nation of our future and of our productive citizens, Nelumbu remaked.

Other incidents as repor-ted on 5 January by Commissioner Nelumbu:

Drunken Driving: a total of 50 cases were reported in the Region, leading to 51 people charged for drunken driving offenses. In an accident between two vehicles both drivers were found to be over the limit.
Suicide: four people ended their lives at their own hands over the festive period. In all these instances too, the deceased persons were young people.

Drownings: two people drowned. In the one incident a child drowned in an oxidation pond at Uis and it was confir-med on Friday that the man who went missing at Langstrand during a music festival drowned (see related report in today’s edition).

Two murders were reported. In both cases the alleged perpetrators were women. In the first incident at Spitzkoppe settlement a man died after he was assaulted by his girlfriend and her sister.
In the second incident at Mondesa at Swakopmund a woman died after she was pushed over during an argument. She fell, hit her head against a hard object and later died. The incident took place when a man’s daughter intervened during an argument between her father and his girlfriend. She pushed the girlfriend out of the house which led to the person falling and sustaining fatal injuries.

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