Cabous Bowls Champion

Rudi Bowe

Cabous Olivier won the men’s Open Singles titles at the Namibian National Bowls Championships recently held in Windhoek.

A total of 70 Men and ladies bowling from Namib Park, Rossmund, Tsumeb, Eros, Windhoek and TransNamib Bowling Club’s took part in 42nd year of the championship in disciplines ranging from singles to pairs to trips to fours.
The oldest participant was Mr Eric Luff at the young age of 90 with the youngest competitors Hailey and Danelle van Wyk at the ages of 11 and 10 respectively.
The national championships were held over a period of a week at Eros Bowling Club, Windhoek Bowling Club and Transnamib Bowling Club, with the finals at Eros Bowling Club.
Cabous Olivier and Marietjie van den Bergh won the men and women’s Open Singles titles after they beat Piet Appollis and Huipie van Wyk in the finals respectively. Ronan Olivier beat Johan Jacobs in the Men’s Plate Singles final and Elna Esterhuizen beat Truda Meaden in the Women’s Plate Singles final.
Willie Esterhuizen, Colin Peake and Rudi Vaessler, beat Cabous Olivier, Ronan Olivier and Poena Olivier in the Men’s Trips title final and Marietjie van den Bergh, Amanda Steenkamp and Lesley Vermeulen are the Women’s Trips champions after beating Anjuleen Viljoen, Elzaan de Villiers and Annelize Wolfaardt in the final.
The Senior Men’s Singles champion is Ewald Vermeulen who beat Horst Zimny in the final and the Senior Women’s Singles champion is Truda Meaden who beat Val Gallagher in the final.

Cabous Olivier, Graham Snyman, Ronan Olivier and Poena Olivier beat Axel Krahenbuhl, Piet Appollis, Kat Steenkamp and Wojtek Majewski in the Men’s Fours title final. Axel Krahenbuhl and Kat Steenkamp won the Men’s Pairs title after beating Steven Peake and Colin Peake in the final, while Marietjie van den Bergh and Bianca Lewis won the Women’s Pairs title after beating Lesley Vermeulen and Sheena Hawthorne in the final.
Steenkamp and Lesley Vermeulen won the Women’s Trips title after beating Anjuleen Viljoen, Elzaan de Villiers and Annelize Wolfaardt in the final. The Women’s Fours title went to Lesley Vermeulen, Anjuleen Viljoen, Elzaan de Vries and Annelize Wolfaardt, who beat Marietjie van den Bergh, Amanda Steenkamp, Annette Scholtz and Huipie van Wyk in the final.
Wojtek Majewski beat Davido Jantze in the final of the Novice Men Singles category, while Nataly Hendricks beat Yvonne Booysen in the Novice Women Singles final.

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