Cancer Association inaugurates Erongo Regional Cancer Centre

At the official opening of the Erongo Centre of the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) yesterday, the Association’s Chief Executive Officer, Rolf Hansen, appealed for the Ministry of Health and Social Services to designate a ward at the Swakopmund State Hospital exclusively for cancer patients to receive chemotherapy.
The new Erongo Cancer Clinic will inspire hope, activate change and impact the lives of cancer patients, proclaimed Hansen during the official opening proceedings. “Now we are taking hands and improve our lives by creating awareness, screen and treat cancer early.
The team here is your foundation and your home”, he said. Adding: “we want a ward from the Ministry of Health and Social Services where cancer patients can get chemotherapy. That will mean coastal patients need not to travel to Windhoek at additional expenses or have to be separated from their families”.
Complimenting CAN on the opening of the Erongo Regional Cancer Centre was the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Juliet Kavetuna. She said in Namibia there is no other volunteering association that can match CAN.
She called upon the coastal communities to go for full medical check-ups annually, in order to detect cancer at an early stage. Cancer screening is one of the mandates of the Ministry and everyone should make screening a priority”, said Kavetuna.
Kavetuna revealed shocking cancer statistics. One in ten people are diagnosed with cancer on a daily basis in Namibia. “Cancer has a big impact on our community.
The Deputy Minister called on especially women to visit the Erongo Regional Cancer Centre and to make use of the opportunities to be screened for cancer.

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