Car hijacking attempt in Swakopmund

The Swakopmund Neighborhood Watch is calling on residents to be extra vigilant after an attempted hijacking in Ocean View on Wednesday morning. The victim managed to escape unharmed.

According to the victim, Hennie Siemens, he was on his way to work on Wednesday and had to stop at the T-junction of Tsavorite Road and the Henties Bay road. It was 06:25.
“There was a car approaching, so I had to stop. I always lock my doors, but this time my one door was not locked”, he explained to namib times.
He noticed a person running towards his vehicle. The person opened the car door and jumped into the vehicle.
“He said the whole time “Mondesa”, “Mondesa”, but I said I will not drive there”, he continued. The person grabbed his steering wheel and kept on saying “Mondesa”.
Siemens saw two more people running towards the vehicle and fearing the worst, he managed to force the culprit out of the vehicle and drive off.
Drivers of other vehicles also noticed the three guys loitering in the vicinity of the junction later the same day.
“Make sure to lock your vehicle at all times”, Siemens warned.
Residents are encouraged to notify the police or Neighborhood Watch, should they notice any suspicious activities.

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