Cash-in-transit guard who disappeared with N$300k arrested in Swakopmund

A cash-in-transit security official who disappeared with N$300 000 in cash in Swakopmund last Friday, has been arrested in Swakopmund’s DRC settlement yesterday morning.

Ricardo Oxurub (35) (pictured left) was part of a three-man team who had to replenish Bank Windhoek’s ATM’s with cash last Friday.
After booking out cash at Bank Windhoek Swakopmund, the trio drove with an armored van to the ATM of the Bank at Ocean View.
Two of the guards entered the secure area of the ATM and started to reload it with cash.
Oxurub allegedly stayed behind at the vehicle with one box containing N$300 000 in his care.
When his colleagues returned to the vehicle, Oxurub and the cash box was nowhere to be found.
After the Bank laid criminal charges, a manhunt was undertaken to arrest Oxurub and to recover the money.
With his arrest yesterday morning, only a small amount of the stolen cash could be retrieved. Police investigators hope to recover more.
Oxurub is expected to make a first appearance in the Swakopmund magistrate’s court today on a charge of theft.

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