Cash-in-transit heist rocks Swakomund

Sharlien Tjambari

Swift action by the Namibian Police led to the arrest of two of the four armed robbers who targeted a security company during a cash-in-transit heist at the branch of Woermann Brock in Swakopmund at around 07:20 yesterday morning. They were arrested at Walvis Bay.

A third suspect, who has been identified as Malakia Shikongo Naobeb, is on the run and is suspected to have fled to the North or Khomas Region.
The fourth suspect is yet to be identified, and is believed to have been wounded during the robbery. Hospitals were placed on alert should he seek medical treatment.
Crime hit Swakopmund was rocked by this cash-in-transit heist in the town’s Mondesa suburb yesterday morning, also leading to a security official shot in the abdomen by one of the robbers.
Two security officers of Southern Cross Security moved cash from Woermann Brock in Mondesa at around 07:20 yesterday morning to a waiting armoured cash transit van.
As they approached the vehicle, they were accosted by two men, one whom managed to grab the firearm of one of the officials and shooting the other in the abdomen with it.
An eyewitness saw the two men emerging from a black Nissan March, parked next to the nearby post office. Two remained in the vehicle.

“As I was walking past Nampost, I noticed the two guys jumping of a black Nissan Note and running towards the security car. Two others remained in the car”, the witness explained.
As the two men approached the security car, one of them grabbed the driver from behind and managed to get hold of his firearm. He shot the other security officer with that same gun in the abdomen and took the money.
“It all happened so fast”, said the witness.
The men ran back to the Nissan Note where their two accomplices were waiting and they sped off.
The vehicle was later found abandoned at a house in Oletweni, in Mondesa. There were traces of blood in the vehicle. The vehicle had no number plates. The blood is believed to be that of the wounded [yet unidentified] robber.
According to a lady, who lives in a shack at the house where the vehicle was found abandoned, she was busy preparing her child for school when she saw light and heard the vehicle parking in front of her shack.
She peeped through her door and noticed three men. One wore a balaclava, and one was clearly bleeding from his chin and mouth area. After a while she allegedly heard them making calls from behind her shack and a while later, they jumped the fence and ran.

The At this point it is not known how much money the suspects got away with. The medical condition of the guard was also not known at the time of going to press.
Note: the robbers got away with N$147 000-00 and so far N$37 000-00 has been recovered.
The two accused in custody will soon make a first appearance before a magistrate on charges of aggravating robbery.

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