Caught red handed illegally dumping waste

Eileen van der Schyff

Pictures emerged over the weekend of a Walvis Bay resident sim-ply dumping his household waste behind the Narraville stadium in the dunes.

The driver of this SUV was caught red handed on Saturday doing his weekly dumping and contributing to Walvis Bay’s general problem with dumping.
A member of the public who took these photos told namib times the people dumping are not residents of the area where the dumping takes place. She went on to say: “The dumpers come with cars full of household rubbish as well as building rubble.”
Another woman told the namib times in a telephone interview yesterday morning: “Our area is becoming an eye-sore and when the wind blows, the rubbish are swept back onto the neighbourhood. Our children can’t even play in those dunes anymore.”

This vehicle is believed to be linked to the dumping incident. The registration number was handed to the Walvis Bay municipal traffic department for further investigation.

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