Cause of Shoprite-complex fire not yet determined…..

Sharlien Tjambarie

The fire that raged in the Shoprite complex in Swakopmund shortly after midnight on Wednesday wiped out the store of the Foschini clothing chain and partly damaged the clothing store of Markhams.

The rest of the businesses in the complex are unscathed which include the Shoprite supermarket, Clicks, and Hungry Lion.
The fire damaged a part of the complex’s electric supply system, leaving the American Swiss shop in darkness. Community members on Wednesday gathered in disbelieve, witnessing what they described as a disaster, especially for the Foschini clothing retailer. Others gathered in front of the shop hoping to get some of the clothes which have been damaged by the fire and smoke.
One lady who wanted to remain anonymous said she waited the whole day, hoping she would get a chance to get a few clothing items. To her disappointment she learnt that clothes not damaged were to be send back to the retailers’ head offices for insurance purposes.
At the time of going to press the cause of the fire was not yet determined.

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