Celebrating the circumnavigation

Acclaimed musician Rafael Serrallet performed two guitar concerts in Swakop-mund and Windhoek to commemorate 500 anniversaries of the first trip around the globe.

Spanish guitarist Rafael Serrallet has performed concerts in Namibia to commemorate the 500 anniversaries of the first circumnavigation of the world. Hailed as a guitarist of profound and thoughtful artistry, Valencian born Rafael Serrallet is one of the biggest names in Spanish music. With a career spanning twenty-five years and more than a thousand concerts across eighty countries, Serrallet is probably the most inter-nationally experienced concertos among the Spanish performers with an outstanding performance gift. He has been the first classical musician ever in playing con-certs in all 7 continents (including Antarctica) and his passionate performances and unique musical interpretation have been described as ‘spellbinding and captivating. Rafael performed at the Spanish Ambassador Residence in Windhoek and the Lecture Hall of Swakopmund Museum and more than 100 people gathered in every concert. The first half of the concert that Rafael presented was a tribute to that time and a musical fantasy of the tunes that may have been sung and played during leisure periods on board. Because of the international origin of the expedition crew, the concert gathered musical works from most of the countries they represented, and it is not accidental that most of the pieces selected are dances, which were commonly popular during the Renaissance period. The repertoire included dances like The Almain (German dance), Gallardes, Bransles (France), Canarios (Spain), Calate, Saltarello and Pavana (Italy), as well as Portuguese tunes. It also includes the favorite song of the Spanish King Carlos I, Mille Regretz (One thousand sorrows). Josquin’s anguished tune was extremely popular and swept through Europe like a fever.
This version is by the Spanish vihuelist, Luis de Narváez, transcribed for the vihuela. The second half was a homage to Spanish Music, featuring some of the most popular Spanish composers from 18 to the 20 Century such as Ferandiere, Aguado, Arcas or Granados. These concerts were hosted by the Spanish Embassy in Namibia and is part of Rafael Serrallet’s world tour sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. More information or interviews please contact Mrs Anna Schubert on the phone +60192224211
or by mail: institutointernacional@gmail.com

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