Change of the Guard at Nampol Erongo

Deputy Commissioner Ottilie Kashuupulwa, who served as the regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo, has been transferred to the Oshana region as the new head of police administration. Her position has been filled by Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, who was promoted to that rank on 1 April.
The changes in the Namibian police system came into effect on 1 April and saw a total of 52 police officers, who were chosen to serve in new positions. Most notably was the promotion of Major General Anne Marie Nainda, who was previously a Commissioner. She will serve as Deputy Inspector General responsible for administration.
“Some of the changes were brought on due to some officers retiring. The structure was adjusted here and affected some regions,” said Erongo police Commissioner Andreas Nelumbu to namib times. In the Erongo region the above-mentioned changes were the only ones.
Kashuupulwa had been serving as regional crime investigations coordinator for a few years. Before that she was the Station Commander at the police station in Swakopmund. She also served in the Omaheke region and in Windhoek, before she was stationed in Walvis Bay as the regional crime investigations co-ordinator.
Iikuyu started his police career in Walvis Bay in 1990. He joined the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID). In 1999 he was promoted to Sergeant and became the Station Commander at Omatjete. In 2000 he was promoted to Warrant Officer and became the Station Commander in Kuisebmond. After that he was again promoted to Inspector and was transferred to Oranjemund, where he became the Station Commander. He also served as Station Commander in Lüderitzbucht, before he was finally transferred to the regional headquarters in Walvis Bay in 2011. There he was a staff officer at the CID. He was promoted to Chief Inspector in 2014.
“Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu is a very experienced officer,” said Commissioner Nelumbu. The position is not new for Iikuyu though as he was acting in the position on several occasions when Kashuupulwa was on leave.

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