Changes to Handicap System

Namibia is to adopt the new slope rating handicap system with effect from 1 November.

The President of the Namibian Golf Federation Brenda Lens said “At the same time we will abandon the NGF Handicap System manual which was last updated in April 2016. Instead we will adopt the Handicap System issued by Golf RSA and can be downloaded from their website handicaps-pdf/”
Lens mentioned that clubs are urged to alert their members to the new requirements regarding ascertaining their Course Handicap (CH) from the conversion charts which will be sent to you from the rating team and of the need to indicate on their scorecards which color tees they have played from for each round.
“To assist in this we suggest that you issue to your members copies of the attached information sheet which was issued by GOLFRSA prior to the change in South Africa on 3 September and with permission amended for Namibia for 1 November ” Lens added.

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