Children allegedly exposed to deplorable conditions

The namib timesreceived a complaint from a source regarding terrible living conditions of individuals living right next to a children’s home in Walvis Bay, allegedly exposing the children to danger and health issues.Deplorable2

The newspaper visited the site after receiving the complaint. The complainant, who does not want to be named, alleged “this is government property that is in a  terrible state and there are people, even children, living in these conditions. Some of them are doctors.

They have no water, no toilets that are in a working condition and living in insanitary conditions. The condition of this whole area is dangerous, not only for the people living here, but for the children living at the children’s home as well, as it is right next to these houses and poor conditions. My concern is that the children are at risk. How can nobody who passes this area not come here and ask if everything is all right? These people have to walk with bins all around the buildings to another children’s home to collect water. This is a health Deplorable3concern for all. The government spends money celebrating Independence day, but look at the condition these people have to live in. How does that fit? There are heaps of rubbish lying around and a huge dugout in the ground which poses a danger to the children,” the complainant said.

The reporter spoke to one of the women living in one of the houses. “I have been living here since last year, but to my knowledge, the rest of the people have been living here for almost four or five years. We do not have any water here, no showers and no working toilets.

It is also not safe as the doors and windows are broken. When the wind blows the sand comes in through the roof therefore it is always dirty. We are four people and two children living here, namely a one year old and a three year old. Sometimes there is water in the toilet, sometimes there is not. If there is not we walk to go fetch water with buckets to flush it. The house behind mine has a doctor living there.

  I am a nanny.” When she was asked where they bathe, she said “we wash ourselves inside the toilet with a bucket of water.


Apparently there used to be water here but later we were told by people (she does not know who these people are) that water will not be available any longer, therefore we have to walk to a different house with buckets to get water.”
 Deplorable7When asked whether they have to pay rent she said “Yes we pay. I myself do not pay, but another person working here pays. I do not know how much. I also do not know where the money goes, but they are paying to stay here,” she alleged.

The newspaper discovered blocked drains, rubbish lying around, drains covered with sharp objects and a trench that was dug, which according to a trusted source, was dug months ago and poses a danger to the children as they could easily fall inside.

The newspaper contacted the Public Relations Officer of the Walvis Bay Municipality, Mr Kevin Adams, to ask whose responsibility these houses are and what the solution could be to the problem.

“These are state buildings, therefore we do not have the jurisdiction to act, however I will notify the health inspector of Walvis Bay and we will inspect the site to see what can be done to change the situation,” he said.