Chinese businessman wants to capture Namibian dolphins, killer whales and penguins for Asian aquarium trade

Marine environmentalists are up in arms after it emerged that a Chinese business-man has high hopes to capture live marine mammals off the Namibian coast, destined for the Asian aquarium trade. According to confidential sources the animals in question include penguins, bottlenose dolphins, seals and even killer whales.

Various sources confirmed to namib times yesterday that an application in this regard was already lodged by this businessman with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources. When confronted the public relations officer in the Ministry, De Wet Mulauli Siluka, yesterday denied any knowledge of this and requested more detail to be able to answer media questions.
A specially modified vessel meant for this operation, Ryazanovka, is currently at anchorage at Walvis Bay, after first spending between the months of May and August at anchorage at Lüderitz. Reliable information indicates the vessel is fitted with a purpose-built tank to accommodate and transport the live captured marine species to Asian clients.
Environmentalists consulted called upon the Namibian public to support all efforts to convince the Namibian fisheries not to allow the capture of Namibian marine species for any forms of aquarium trade.
“This is Ludacris,” an environmentalist said to namib times when asked about this. The person wishes to remain anonymous. This specialist argued that penguins, dolphins and killer whales are protected and according to the IUCN shouldn’t even be considered for something like this. Sources indicated that the initial application quotes numbers of each specie required for capture that actually exceeds the populations estimated to be present in Namibian waters.

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