“Chinese uranium-monopoly”

Mineworkers Union concerned – Sale of Rio Tinto would mean China owns 90% of all uranium mining activity in Namibia

Sharlien Tjambari

The Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) expressed concern this week over the sale of Rio Tinto Rössing’s share in Rössing Uranium to China National Uranium Corporation (CNUC).
Should the sale pass the last hurdle (approval by the Competitions Commission of Namibia) it would practically mean Chinese entities owns a combined 90 % of shares in all of Namibia’s uranium mines.
MUN representatives hosted a press conference in Windhoek this week where the concern was raised. All branches of MUN country-wide attended the press conference.
“We fear that this can be a direct monopoly which might have a negative impact in the near future, considering the negative history we have with Chinese companies in the country. We fear that our members might be negatively affected directly”, said John Hamutenya the Chairman of MUN.
Adding should the sale go through, the Union strongly believes it should join forces with Government to closely guard against the new owners making decisions, both directly or indirectly, which could negatively affect workers.
“The Mineworkers Union will not fold its hands when member interests are threatened”, assured Hamutenya. Adding MUN’s mandate is to ensure job security for its members. In that regard should there be new ownership, existing bargaining agreements should continue to be honoured.

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