Christmas comes early for kindergarten children

Sharlien Tjambari

Children from various kindergartens and day care centres in Swakopmund gathered at the Multi-purpose centre on Tuesday this week to have their early Christmas party celebration with the Office of the Mayor.
Annually, the Office of the Mayor hosts Christmas Parties for the children in Swakopmund, from one kindergarten to the next to listen to the children singing Christmas carols and dancing. This year the Swakopmund Deputy Mayor, Maria Elago shared special moments and her motherly love with the children, she attentively listened and watched as every kindergarten performed.
The kindergartens that benefited were Future Kids, Barney, Pinocchio, Dolphin, Happy Tots, Busy Body, Ndatitangi and Millennium.
Due to transport complications, some kindergartens only managed to bring the 4-6-year-olds, however, the snack packs reached all the children as they were delivered at the respective kindergartens.
All registered kindergartens were invited to be part of this event, but some did not show up for the Christmas party.
The children’s Christmas party with the Mayor is an initiative of the Swakopmund Municipality in partnership with First National Bank.
The children each received a box of crayons, lunch box, hot-dog and sweet treats.

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