Church feeds the poor

There was much excitement when a local church in Swakopmund held an outreach campaign in the informal DRC on Saturday where they donated food parcels and clothing to residents in the area.

The Potter’s House church erected a large tent where they congregated the needy and destitute. Pastor Harold Booysen and his team took the time to give back to the community and express to them the pivotal role the church plays in the community.
A representative from the church mentioned that “this is only the first step. We want to build a relationship with the community.” To this effect their outreach team interviewed various individuals to determine the kind of help they need and understand the difficulties they face. “This is to help us follow up and help them progress.”
Children from the area were organised into groups with some church members participating in activities with them. All this proved worthwhile as many needy individuals and families gathered in anticipation, with many showing gratitude for the church’s effort to reach out.

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