Church wants to break the chains of depression, hopelessness and stigma

In aim to end social issues such as depression, hopelessness and stigma, parishioners from Word Embassy Ministry, a church situated in Walvis Bay, held a parade on the streets of Kuisebmond and Narraville, on 15 May 2021, demonstrating and introducing a solution towards the community. They took to the streets with written messages on posters and engaged in one-on-one conversations with bystanders in expectation of an accepting and positive response.

Many of the parishioners from the church and individuals from the community marched and drove in vehicles from Ekutu in Kuisebmond to Woermann Brock in Narraville, making stops at Shop 4, Ekunde, Twaloloka, and OK Minimark along the route as they were accompanied by traffic vehicles, to ensure safety and order.
Proclaiming ”the message of Christ,” they gave motivational speeches in relation to social issues and encouraged people to look to Jesus for help and that he is the only hope for peace of heart, freedom and goodness in life. ”We have the solution to all this suffering. The only reliable and truly effective solution is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the key to all this suffering that we are under. There is no one else that can solve this situation than Jesus Christ. Run to him and you will be set free from all your suffering,” said Apostle F Jusso. He is the founder of the Word Embassy Ministry and the brains behind the whole event. Varying from young children holding flags with the message demonstration to elders handing out flyers, offering prayers and speaking the ”Good News” to the people, the event was explained to be a ”success” by the team and an impressed manager of a popular mini market in Kuisebmond, applauded their good work and happily welcomed them to share the ”Good News” in front of his store. ”Keep it up. What you people are doing is good.”
The parishioners wore stunning navy blue, white, grey and matching apparel holding the message ”2021 The Year of Readiness” and held up a banner printed with the church details and the church name. The posters included messages such as ”It is all about Jesus”, ”He died for you, will you live for Him?” and many more. Brilliant entertainment was involved. They had a drum performance, singing, chanting and gospel music. They positively expressed that it was the first, but definitely not the last time, this event will take place and they are looking forward to doing it again.

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