Classic Safari participant is tragically killed

Not long after participants of the 6th Classic Safari Challenge gracefully passed through Walvis Bay with their historic, vintage cars on Friday afternoon on route during their mammoth drive across the continent, news was received of the passing of competitor Jan Hradecky following an accident on the C14 route at the Gaub Pass.
There were no other vehicles involved and appears as though Jan lost control of the vehicle while attempting to pass a camper van with dust making visibility difficult, causing the Mercedes convertible to overturn. The Czechish national was travelling with his wife, Dana, at the time of the incident. Another competitor saw the tragic accident happen and alerted the medical team immediately. Dana Hradecky sustained minor head and facial injuries and was treated at the scene, while Jan’s injuries were much more severe. Jan received medical treatment at the scene, but not much could be done due to the serious nature of his injuries. The family has been notified while the Endurance Rally Association team, in Africa and the UK, are currently working together with Nampol as well as the Czech Embassy in Pretoria to provide the family with any assistance needed.
Rally Director Fred Gallagher said: “Jan was a seasoned rally participant, having competed in our 2016 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. Our thoughts and sympathies are with Jan’s wife Dana, their family and friends at this difficult time.”

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