Cleaner engines – saving on fuel costs!

In the face of ever-rising fuel costs, there is a new green product on the Namibian market that promises to help the fishing, mining and transport industries save money in the long run. XBEE, as it is known in Europe, is a natural additive for organic fuels based on a cocktail of enzyme technologies. Enzyme-based fuel technology is not a new thing, however, the new XBEE formulation (formerly known as Soltron in the USA) has proven to be powerfully effective in treating fuels in a myriad of industries such as railways, commercial fishing, agriculture, public works, road haulage, public transport, to mention a few.

XBEE is not a chemical additive and does not damage engines or other mechanical components. It is a biological enzyme technology based on the catalytic characteristics of a certain tree leaf that functions as a liquid improvement agent for all fossil fuels such as diesel, gasoline, heating fuel, marine diesel, heavy fuel oil, bio-fuel, and others. XBEE is incredibly powerful, so much so that you only need 1 litre per every 4,000 litres of fuel.
XBEE enzymes are powerful natural surfactants and dispersants. Often harmful contaminants such as bacteria, sludge, fungi and mold decompose and no longer adhere to tank walls and engine fuel supply system. XBEE eliminates all microbial contamination and reduces corrosion in fuel tanks, pumps and injectors. A fuel that burns better, quicker and more completely induces a better efficiency, i.e. more power for the same consumption or reduced fuel consumption for the same power output. The enzymes contained in the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology weaken the structure of hydrocarbon molecules in fuels, to enhance the carbon reaction and oxygen absorption during combustion. In this way the formation of any residue and carbon particles is eliminated leading to more complete combustion.
The XBEE fuel additive also disperses water, which minimizes the formation of rust, non-organic sediment and sludge in tanks, reduces sulfur oxides and asphalts that may lead to fuel deterioration and its corrosive effects on engine components. The final result of using XBEE fuels is in its ability to keep tanks and fuel supply systems as clean as new, and to eliminate all carbon and soot build-ups in engines and exhausts. XBEE means less water, less mold and no more bacteria in your fuel. So there are fewer deposits and less clogging in your engine parts. Faster combustion means a lower temperature at the combustion exhaust point, and ultimately fuel over-consumption is eliminated.
Better fuel combustion means reduced emissions of fumes and greenhouse gas. In the long run this means lower maintenance costs and fewer technical incidents. It also specifically means lower exhaust gas emissions, and there-fore less pollution, and very often elimination of excess fuel consumption, whether for diesel, petrol, domestic heating oil, marine diesel, heavy fuel oil or even bio-fuels.
Lubrication Specialists has been granted the exclusive rights to supply the product in Namibia and have already imported drums, initially to start bulk supplying various industries. There are plans to provide smaller packaging of the product for smaller engines depending on the demand.
Contact Lubrication Specialists to learn more about this innovative enzyme-based fuel additive at Tel: Walvis Bay 281 200 or Windhoek 309 805 or email:

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