Clearing agents of import vehicles take note days of lawlessness over

The municipal traffic department in Walvis Bay launched operation clean-up this week, to rid the town of the ongoing menace of imported vehicles abandoned in the town’s streets and neighbourhoods.

The import of second hand vehicles through the port of Walvis Bay to several of Namibia’s neighbouring countries is good business. However, the good business stops once these vehicles leave the port of Walvis Bay’s gates.
Firstly, most of the new owners of these vehicles don’t respect Namibian legislation that requires these vehicles to leave the country’s borders within 72 hours after being cleared by customs. Secondly the imports are not allowed to carry cargo as it leaves Namibia’s borders, but this is most often ignored by some of the import trucks carrying one or even two more imported vehicles as cargo. Thirdly, these vehicles are not allowed to carry passengers, but this is blatantly ignored.
Apart from violating import and export laws and regulations, many of the clearing agents, the drivers and the new owners abandon some of the vehicles and trucks if they break down or for some reason permits are not in order. The result is import vehicles parked in the town’s streets, some for months on end.
The traffic department commenced with operation clean up this week. It is expected that more of the vehicles, such as seen above in this picture will be removed from our streets where they cause danger to traffic and pollute our town’s environment with oil- and fuel leaks.
“Well done municipality of Walvis Bay”, a reader of namib times said yesterday.

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