Clifford Strydom dies

One of Namibia’s leading aviation businessmen, Mr. Clifford Strydom, passed away in Swakopmund on 24 December last year after a long illness. The late Mr. Strydom is one of the founders of local aviation business Bay Air Aviation.

A memorial service was held for Strydom at the Swakopmund aerodrome on 30 December 2016. Due to the holiday season and limited publication of newspapers over the festive period, news of Strydom’s death did not reach all quarters of the coastal community where he was well known and well respected.
Staff of Bay Air Aviation and a former business partner of the late Strydom, Mr. Frank Stein, honoured his memory with the following words: “To most people the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home”.

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