Cllr Trevino Forbes re-elected as Mayor of Walvis Bay

Cllr Trevino Forbes was re-elected as Mayor of Walvis Bay in an Extra Ordinary Council meeting on 25 November.

Cllr Saara Mutondoka retained her position as Deputy Mayor. The new Chairperson of the Management Committee, pre-viously held by Cllr Leroy Victor, now is occupied by Cllr Richard Hoaeb. Hoaeb will serve on the management committee with Cllr Leroy Victor, Cllr Ronald Bramwell and Cllr Ryan Gordon. The Alternate member of the Management Committee position is taken by Cllr Olivia Andrews.
Cllr Ephraim Shozi, Cllr Albertina Nkoshi and Cllr Paulus Kauhondamua will serve as ordinary councillors.
Magistrate Vicky Nicolaidis presided over the election of office bearers 2021/2021.

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