Clock Tower at Mole against corruption

The Anti-Corruption Commission’s (ACC) Swakopmund’s Office unveiled the ACC’s Clock Tower at the Mole near the Swakopmund Museum on Friday, 6 September with the main aim of creating awareness and to solicit support on corruption.

Posters with corruption messages designed by four learners who were winners of the ACC poster competition which was held in 2015, Setson Neumbo, Revaldo Gertzed, Justin Brandt and Martin van der Merwe are on display on the clock.
The Director General of the Anti-Corruption Commission Paulus Noa said the event signifies an important role that local authorities in partnership with ACC play in the prevention against corruption. Noa further said: “The need for Namibians in all sectors of society to the prevention and fight against corruption cannot be overemphasised.
It is a policy commitment of our government to uphold values of good governance, through the prevention and fight against corruption in all spheres of society”.
According to Noa, fighting corruption, particularly at local authority level, is the most suitable path to economic growth, employment creation and proper basic service delivery.

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