Close to one million Namibians live in informal settlements

Rudi Bowe

IPC-President Panduleni Ithula says N$12 billion needed to liberate people from the ghettos

The President of the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC), Dr Panduleni Ithula, says an average of N$12 billion is needed to clean up Namibia’s informal settlements. Adding it is unacceptable for close to one million Namibians to live in this form of indignity any longer.

“The amount of N$12 billion needed is small compared to the disasters we are experiencing”, Dr Ithula said.
“There is no price on a human life. Let us invest the money in our people”, Dr Ithula concluded on the matter of the money needed to alleviate the indignity and suffering of Namibians in the informal settlements.
Dr Ithula’s visit to Walvis Bay on Thursday follows a devastating fire in Kuisebmond’s Twaloloka quarter. A total of 27 shacks were destroyed in the fire. People lost all their belongings.
For the people of Twaloloka suffering brought about by fire is a known evil. In a fire at the end of July 2020, close to 200 shacks were destroyed in a fire. Some one thousand people were left homeless.
Thanks to donations from the private sector and the public sector, tents were obtained to serve as temporary shelter. Daily food kitchens ensure people have at least one decent meal a day.
Addressing the people of Twaloloka on Wednesday, Dr Ithula urged the Walvis Bay local authority to speed up plans to make land available for mass housing. Equally capital needs to be unlocked from institutions like the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GiPF) to fund mass housing across the country.

According to Dr Ithula some 995 000 people live in informal settlements across Namibia. That re-presents approximately 40 % of the nation (if assuming Namibia has a total population of 2,5 million people).
This percentage should be a wake-up call that the issue of mass housing should be tackled with earnestly, seriousness and with best practices in mind, as without discipline this would again be doomed for a monumental failure.

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