Coastal Athletics at Top 30 Athletics Competition

Six athletes from the coast were part of the NSSU High Performance Team that took part at the NWU-PUKKE Top 30 Athletics Championships that were held on 19 and 20 October in Potchefstroom South Africa.
The Top 30 Athletics championships is rated as one of the biggest schools athletics competition in South Africa with 67 school and more than 2200 athletes that participated in the events are the winners of the South Africans champion-ships and the best athletes from all the provinces in South Africa.
The six coastal with two from Windhoek and one from Rehoboth took part in the two day com-petition in the following events, High Jump, Long Jump, Hurdles, 100m Sprints, 200m Sprints, Javelin, Discus and Shotput.
Hennie Horn said “The athletes that Chrislene Klein-Nienaber competed against was taller but she was not intimidated by it and did excellent. As her jump a high of 1.65m that is 1cm from the NSSU National record”.
Horn added that the Springbok coach said that he is very impressed with the technique and approach of Chrislene and that she is a good athlete.
Horn also mentioned that they had to be in the sun the whole day as there where 51 in under 14 high jumpers and that he is happy with the result of Meagan-Louise Le Roux Carla Schutz and that Carla can still compete next year in the same age group in the Top 30 Athletics Champion-ships.
“Lil-Shane Nanuseb from Westside High School in Swakopmund participated against 30 athletes in the under 17 boys high jump and ended 7th with his height of 1.90m. This talented young man will reach great heights and needs to be watch at senior level” Horn added.
The athletes managed to bring home 3 Silver and 2 Bronze with some of the athletes ended in the Top 15.
The results per athlete are:
1. Isabelle Els (Swakop Striders Athletics Club) (Pro-Ed School)
· Javelin Girls U/14 – 23rdfrom 25 Athletes
· Shotput Gils U/14 – 34thfrom 41 Athletes
2. Wilmé Els (Swakop Striders Athletics Club) (Pro-Ed School)
· Discus Girls U/16 – 21stfrom 23 Athletes
· Javelin Girls U/16 – 14thfrom 27 Athletes
3. Chrislene Klein (Swakop Striders Athletics Club) (Pro-Ed School)
· High Jump Girls U/15 – 3rd from 36 Athletes
· LongJump Girls U/15 – 23rd from 36 Athletes
4. Meagan-Louise Le Roux (Swakop Striders Athletics Club) (Walvis Bay Private High School)
· High Jump Girls U/14 – 2nd from 51 Athletes
5. Lil-Shane Nanuseb (Swakop Striders Athletics Club) (West High High School)
· High Jump Boys U/17 – 7th from 30 Athletes
6. Carla Schutz (Swakop Striders Athletics Club) (Pro-Ed)
· High Jump Girls U/14 – 2nd from 51 Athletes
7. Kenneth Tities (Rehoboth Athletics Club) (Dr Lemmer High School)
· 100m Boys U/17 – 5th from 30 Athletes
· 200m Boys U/17 – 13th from 35 Athletes
8. Natalie Louw (Triomf Athletics Club) (Windhoek High School)
· High Jump Girls U/17 – 2nd from 17 Athletes
· Long Jump Girls U/17 – 3rd from 38 Athletes
9. Leander Louw (Triomf Athletics Club) (Windhoek High School)
· 100m Hurdles Boys U/15 – 11th from 29 Athletes
· 300m Hurdles Boys U/15 – 9th from 23 Athletes
These athletes have also been invited to participate at the TUKS Top 10 Athletics Competition that will be held in Pretoria on 13 February 2019.

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