Coastal bowlers at Glenbrynth Senior Pairs

This past weekend seven bowlers from the coast participated against twenty bowlers from the central clubs in the annual Glenbrynth Senior Pairs Tournament for the eighteenth consecutive year.

This tournament sponsored by Glenbrynth and hosted by TransNamib Bowling Club was open to mixed bowlers over 50. Four games were played on Saturday and two on Sunday. The format this year deviated from that of previous years where a random draw took place for the first round. After that, in the following five rounds, teams played strength against strength until the ultimate winners emerged in the final round.
The tournament attracted more bowlers than could be accommodated as Transnamib Bowling Club only accept 14 teams since the most rinks the green can be strung for is seven.
The competition this year was won by Kiewiet Rust (Transnamib) and Erna Muller (Windhoek Bowling Club). Second were Avril Kotze (Rossmund) and her son, Desmond van der Smit (Windhoek Bowling Club). In third place were Willie Esterhuizen and Caryl Andreas (both TransNamib Bowling Club), while last year’s winners, Horst Zimny and Renette de Kock finished fourth with both from Windhoek Bowling Club.
TransNamib presented a very enjoyable tournament as, in addition to some great bowls and some not so great bowls, the two days were blessed with unseasonably warm weather, great food, good camaraderie and great sportsmanship. The President of Windhoek Bowling Club commented: “It was a great senior pairs. Well done to Erna, first place, Des second place and the rest of us for great participation and spirit.”

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