Coastal Gymkhana

Rudi Bowe

Don’t miss adrenaline charged racing and pumping tunes this Saturday, 1 December at the Coastal Gymkhana which will be held at the Desert Raceway in Walvis Bay.

After many years, Desert Raceway in Walvis Bay brings the most powerful spin cars in Namibia. It will leave the coast entertained and also bring the motoring entertainment season to a close in this histories weekend.
This will be by far the biggest local turn out ever in the history of spin entertainment with spinners who are coming from all corners of Namibia to participate in the Coastal Gymkhana. We also have the International guests and Quad Bike Stunt riders, Namibia’s biggest Nissan V6 club, Africa’s number one female spinner and a special appearance by Kasi Stance car club.
Entrance fee is N$100 for adults and N$50 for kids. Food, drinks and beverages will be on sale at the venue as well as kiddies entertainment and other activities that will be on offer on the day.

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